Running an experiment

The experiments described in most research papers (except one) are replicable. To do so, make sure to install the requirements file in the corresponding publication’s directory.

Project structure

Every research project contains, when applicable, the scripts, data, results, analysis and content directories. The README file should contain the manuscript’s title and abstract.


It is the entry point every project. To install the required dependencies from the scripts directory run the command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

In order to generate the content of the publication in a reproducible format, various scripts are provided.

Download and save the datasets used for the experiments:


Run the experiments and get the results:


Analyze the results of experiments:



It contains the experimental data. They are downloaded and saved, using the script.


It contains the results of experiments as pickled pandas dataframes. They are generated, using the script.


It contains the analysis of experiments’ results in various formats. They are generated, using the script.


It contains the LaTex source files of the project.